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SMK S2 Air Pistol

SMK S2 Air Pistol

A break barrel air pistol made the old fashioned way, with a hardwood stock, leather seals, and a simple strip-metal trigger guard. Everything has been kept basic to create the lowest cost air pistol around, but it delivers better accuracy than you might expect for the price, and has genuine retro charm. An incredible value introduction to air pistol shooting. At this price, everyone can afford to try their hand.
Available in .177 or .22 calibre

  • Features

    • Now includes fibre optic sights
    • Single shot, break barrel pellet gun
    • Fully adjustable rear sight
    • Real hardwood stock
    • Ambidextrous contoured grip
    • Rifled .177 calibre barrel for improved accuracy
    • .22 smooth bore barrel allows shooting of darts
    • Blued metalwork
    • Best suited for fun back garden plinking
  • Specifications

    Action:    Break barrel
    Type:    Spring and piston powered

    Calibre:   ,177 or .22

    Shots:   Single

    Power:   3ftlbs
    Stock:    Hardwood
    Trigger:    Single stage

    Length (barrel): 18cm

    Length (total):    32.5cm
    Front Sight:    Fixed

    Rear Sight:    Adjustable for windage & elevation
    Weight:   1kg

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