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SMK Victory PP700W PCP Air Pistol

SMK Victory PP700W PCP Air Pistol

A nicely specified and well finished single shot PCP air pistol with a target shooters trigger and a shrouded precision barrel.
Available in .177 calibre only.

  • Features

    • Single shot
    • Pre Charged Pneumatic powerplant
    • Built in pressure guage
    • Precision rifled barrel
    • Shrouded barrel for lower muzzle report
    • Comfortable pistol grip
    • Two stage adjustable trigger
    • Easy to cock and load
    • Pendulum hammer
    • Dovetail rail for sight or scope mounting
  • Specifications

    Calibre:   .177 only

    Type:   Pre Charged Pneumatic

    Shots:   Single shot

    Trigger:  2 stage, adjustable

    Power:   5.5ftlbs

    Sights:   None

    Sights rail:   Dovetail

    Length (barrel): 21cm
    Length (total):   37cm
    Weight:   1.1kg

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