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Weihrauch HW 45 Silver Star

Weihrauch HW 45 Silver Star

One of the best and most powerful spring & piston air pistols on the market, with elegant 1911 styling, 2 power settings and very decent accuracy. A true sportsman's pistol where stance and hold make all the difference to handling recoil.
Available as .177 or .22 calibre.

  • Features

    Scope not included


    • Overlever cocking with 2 tension settings
    • Adjustable 2 stage trigger
    • Comfortable, wide trigger blade
    • Laminated black & grey grip with comfortable contours
    • Two tone, black & silver finish
    • Fibre optic sights
    • Micrometer rear sight is adjustable for windage & elevation
    • Upper dovetail rail for sight or scope mounting
    • Dry fire practice facility
    • Accurate
    • Quality German manufacture
    • Full metal construction
    • Very well finished
  • Specifications

    CALIBRE:   .177 or .22
    AMMUNITION:   Pellets
    SHOTS:   Single
    TYPE: Spring & piston with 2 tension settings
    ACTION: Overlever
    TRIGGER:   Two stage, adjustable
    SAFETY:   Manual
    SIGHTS:   Notch & blade, adjustable for windage & elevation
    BARREL: Precision rifled
    POWER:   2.5 & 5.9 ftlbs
    VELOCITY:   410 & 560 fps
    RAIL:   Upper dovetail for sights or scope (unusal 12-13mm size)
    LENGTH (BARREL):   170mm (6.75")
    LENGTH (TOTAL):   280mm (11")
    WEIGHT:   1.15kg (2.53lb)

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