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About Us

Jeff and Steve are both life long shooting enthusiasts who worked in the firearms retail sector for several years before opening their own store in 2013.


Having made the brave move of setting up a small firearms dealership in one of the best served and most competitive regions of the country, Jeff and Steve rely on their experience, expertise and excellent customer service to ensure that their clientele return, time after time. They are always happy to listen to their customers' requirements, and can be relied upon to provide well considered and honest advice to help those customers make an informed, sensible purchase, with no nonsense and no pressure. 


The J&S Field Sports website has been developed with the same ethos that Jeff and Steve adopt in their store. Each item has been painstakingly compiled to provide a complete and accurate source of product reference for customers, with custom written descriptions that have a realistic slant and some honest opinions thrown in. 


Jeff and Steve regularly attend several shooting clubs in the area, and are always pleased to be approached by fellow club members in need of advice or assistance. In fact, if you visit the store, the chances are that you'll meet up with other enthusiasts who are there just to hang out and talk about guns and shooting, the shop is almost a club in itself.


Partnered with one of the country's finest artisan gunsmiths, trusted by non other than BSA, J&S Fieldsports can arrange for your guns to be expertly tuned, refurbished or repaired. They also offer a re-blueing service, and can provide quality hand chequering of stocks at the highest standard of craftsmanship.

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