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Air Gun Targets & Pellet Traps

Printed Targets & Pellet Trapping Target Holders

Available in two sizes

Pellet Trap Shooting Galleries with Resettable Knockdown Creature Targets 

Knock the creatures down, then set them up again by hitting the centre disc target

Spinning Targets for Pellets or BBs 

Try to keep the targets spinning

Adjustable Knock Down & Reset Field Targets for Pellets or BBs

Spike them into the ground, adjust the target size, shoot them down, then shoot the reset disc to go again

Free Standing, Knock Down & Pull Back Field Targets for Pellets or BBs

Stand them up, adjust the target kill zone size, shoot them down, then pull them back up to go again

More Airgun Targets


Airsoft Targets

Targets for 6mm plastic BBs

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