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Crosman 2240 - CO2 Air Pistol

Crosman 2240 - CO2 Air Pistol

SKU: RR-AG2240
One of America's most popular air pistols, the CO2 powered Crosman 2240 has a large, enthusiastic following. With lots of third party components and dedicated accessories available, this is also one of the world's most modifiable air pistols. It is available in .22 calibre only in the UK, but aftermarket .177 barrels are also available.

  • Features

    • Easy cocking and loading
    • Ambidextrous contoured grip
    • Rear sight is adjustable for windage & elevation
    • Extremely durable design with a blued, black matt finish
    • Around 60 full power shots per CO2 cartridge
    • Good accuracy
    • Ideal for plinking & fun target shooting
  • Specifications

    POWERPLANT:   12g CO2 cartridge
    CALIBRE:   .22
    AMMUNITION:   Pellets
    SHOTS:   Single shot
    VELOCITY:  460 fps
    TYPE:   Bolt action
    TRIGGER ACTION:   Single action only
    SAFETY:   Manual
    BARREL:   Rifled   
    SIGHTS:   Notch & blade, with fully adjustable rear sight
    RAIL:   None
    MATERIAL:   Metal and plasic 
    LENGTH (BARREL):   190mm (7.5")
    LENGTH (TOTAL):   282mm (11.1")
    WEIGHT:   0.816kg (1.8lb)

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