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Air Pistols

.177 & .22 Calibre Diabolo Pellet Guns

Pellet firing air pistols usually deliver a bit more accuracy over a longer range than their bb firing counterparts, making these the guns of choice for those wishing to hone their pistol marksmanship skills. We don't recommend pistols as ideal tools for hunting, but we do recommend them for fun plinking in the garden, and for competitive sport at the shooting club. Read our guide for more information.

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can purchase these air pistols. Air pistols cannot be delivered, they must be collected in person from our store.

Not all air pistols are kept in stock, but will usually be available to collect from our store within two working days of ordering. See our T&Cs for further details.

Crosman manufacture, import or brand the biggest selling range of air gun products in the US. The cream of the Crosman offerings are their American built pellet guns, which have earned a deserved reputation for being accurate, reliable and robust.

Of special note are the 2240 pistol and the 2250 "Rat Catcher" rifle, which are two of our best value, best selling products.

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