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What's on the menu?

Yesterday, I checked in at the J&S Field Sports Gun Shop to see Jeff, Steve and Ben. As always, I received a warm welcome and an excellent mug of coffee. The guys told me that some of their regular customers were already taking an interest in the store's new website, so I decided to create this blog to help keep everyone up to date.

During my visit, we discussed Jeff and Steve's expectations for the site, the scope of products, and the manner in which products would be displayed. I was pleased to confirm that we'll be aiming to create a site with a professional look that puts the average gun enthusiast just a click away from everything they'll ever need, and an extended range of guns that will be available to order.

As usual, I left the store feeling much better educated about the world of guns and shooting, as I'm sure all of Jeff and Steve's visitors always do.

I have presented J&S with some of my ideas for product categories and menu layout options for the site. These will be available to view for a while on the "Menus" page (accessible from the drop down menu below the "HOME" button). (EDIT The "Menus" page has now been removed. Tony)

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