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Much of today has been spent researching legal requirements for publishing the website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. My head hurts a bit, but I'm pleased to say that I'm almost done with that.

On the creative side, its all been about the details too. I created a small logo icon so that everyone should now see the J&S shield and crossed guns on their browser tabs and bookmarks. I also made the header into a clickable link for the homepage (I expect the HOME button on the menu to dissappear eventually to make way for products). Then I decided that the header was larger than it needed to be, so I created a new smaller, neater header that should replace the existing one soon. I feel that the header lettering needs to be outlined and deeply shadowed to match the logo. There's no automatic font feature for that, so I've had to do it the hard way. The effect is extremely subtle, but I think its worth all the extra effort.

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