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Fields of Gold (and Green)

Today I took a break from writing Terms & Conditions to do some real web designing. I created a few page designs for J&S to look over so that they can let me know what style they might like for the site. There are a couple of designs that I don't like at all, but I've left them on just so J&S can see that the colour schemes don't work. The designs include a sample product gallery, since that's what customers will be spending most of their time looking at when they visit.

Some of the page designs include the photo of a field that the site has had in the background from before I took over. Background photographs aren't something I'd usually go for, but I've been looking at it for so long whilst working on the site that I've grown to like it.

The page designs will be available to view for a while under the pop down Home menu. I'll probably tweak them and add to them over the next couple of days. (EDIT - These page designs have now been removed. Tony.)

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