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Found my spec's

We're getting quite a lot of visitors to the J&S Field Sports website even though we're not yet live, so I've hidden all the empty pages so as not to frustrate anyone. It makes the site look much smaller, but it will prevent people from following empty links, and J&S will be able to track my progress more easily as pages will reappear as they're completed.

As mentioned in a couple of my previous posts, I produced several different site style design pages and a few menu layout prototypes for J&S to choose from, but they expressed no preference in either category. So I got to make all the choices myself. I hope that you like the style and layout that I've gone for, I take full responsibility if you don't. (All of the "Menu Layout" prototypes and "Site Scheme" pages have now been deleted.)

Over the last seven weeks or so, my time has mostly been spent on air guns; researching them, writing unique product descriptions and feature lists, compiling specifications, editing photos where necessary, and eventually adding the products to the site.

I've tried very hard to make the J&S Field Sports website an accurate source of product reference for J&S' customers. Surprisingly to me, full specifications and realistic descriptions seem to be a very rare thing on gun shop websites. Most site designers just copy and paste the manufacturers blurb which is often incomplete, inaccurate and badly translated. In this regard, I've made the J&S site stand out from the crowd with product specifications that are pretty much complete, and custom written descriptions that have a realistic slant and some honest opinions thrown in. Its a lot of effort, and only time will tell if it is worth it. If you browse our site, please let J&S know what you think.

We now have an "About Us" page. Some photos of Jeff and Steve should be enough to finish it off.

I'm upset to learn that a range of BB guns were dropped before I even started adding them to our site. That's around 30 hours of work wasted. The supplier published the changes in their February trade brochure, but not on their website. Maybe I'll contact them and see if they're in need of a new website manager.



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